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Welcome to Lake Washington Youth Soccer Association's Field Management Home Page. LWYSA serves the Lake Washington School District community in King County, Washington. We manage all Fields and Locations used by LWYSA's programs.

Thank you for visiting our website. We hope you were successful in locating the information you were seeking. If you have questions or comments about using this SiteTerm, or are experiencing difficulties using this site, please send a note to fieldwebmaster@lwysa.org.

What's New?
Tuesday September 26th, 2017
* U11 OFFSIDE - The State Referee Committee sent an email to all referees that is creating some confusion about U11, the build-out line, and offside. To be very clear - LWYSA's U11 recreational games are played under Washington Youth Soccer rules. These rules, which reflect the US Soccer Federation's Player Development Initiative, say that, in deviation from the FIFA Laws of the Game, a player cannot be in an offside position until they have passed the Build Out Line. Some select and premier teams play in leagues that play under US Club Soccer rules. They are different.

LWYSA's recreational matches for U10-U12 play under the rules linked here ->More
Friday July 14th, 2017
* 2017 Online Practice Scheduling Head Coaches of 2 or more U8-U19 teams begins on Monday, July 17 around 9 am. All other teams begins on Wednesday, July 19 around 9 am.
* Deleting a Practice So you've scheduled a practice, but now can't figure out how to cancel what you've scheduled? Click here -->More
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