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The information below should help you figure out the best way to communicate with people when you need help with something pertaining to the laws of the game, a referee, or this website.

You need help using the Referee Website or have a comment or suggestion about the use of the Website
In general, please send an e-mail to refereewebmaster@lwysa.org. We will respond to most notes within 24-72 hours. If you are a referee that is having trouble using the site to take an assignment, submit a report, or anything else pertaining to your job as a referee, please contact your referee assignor by phone. You may also send an email to refereeadministrator@lwysa.org with a copy to refereewebmaster@lwysa.org.
You want to make a comment (favorable or unfavorable) about a referee
For all LWYSA, please submit an online evaluation. These are reviewed by the referee mentors and appropriate actions are taken. Go to the Ref Evaluation section of this web site under Information on the left side.

For any other match, send an email to refereeadministrator@lwysa.org with copy to refereedirector@lwysa.org They will forward your evaluation to the appropriate referee organization.

You have a question about the Laws of the Game or becoming a referee
Go to the FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) section of this web site under the Information section on the left side. If your question is not already answered there, click on the "Ask a Question" entry at the top of the FAQ list. This will send a note to the referee mentors. You will normally get a response in 24-72 hours.
Additional Information about LWYSA
You can find additional information about LWYSA by visiting the primary web site for the association at http://www.lwysa.org This site will describe our programs, provide you the opportunity to sign up to play soccer, and has a complete list of who to call under the heading of "About Us". Using that information is generally the best way to get quick and timely answers to your questions. If you still need assistance, our office staff will be happy to help you. You may:

1. Call the soccer office at (425) 821-1741 during business hours or

2. Send an e-mail to generaldelivery@lwysa.org