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Pierced EarsPrintable

My player has just had their ears pierced. They have been instructed that the earrings can't be removed yet. Can't I just tape them up and have the player participate?

No player may play while wearing earrings. There are NO exceptions to this rule.

FIFA and WSYSA have made it very clear that taping of the ears does not give a player the ability to participate and have instructed referees that they must stop this practice at ALL levels of play. If the earrings cannot be removed, the player cannot play. No administrator or authority can overrule this. There is no "waiver" or "special permission" that can be given by any authority in LWYSA to permit a player to play wearing earrings. LWYSA referees are instructed that this rule must be strictly enforced.

Coaches are advised that they should let parents and players know - as soon as possible - that this rule will be enforced. Players must take care to time new piercings such that ears will be healed to a degree that will permit them to remove the earrings to play.