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Overview of the System
The LWYSA Referees System is a real-time tool to help referees and referee administrators accomplish the tasks necessary for an effective program. Referees have access to a large volume of information about the total soccer program, including things such as schedules, scores, rules, and policies. Users who are not referees are also being given access to that body of information.
The Screen
The LWYSA screens are tailored to the needs of each user. They are also updated immediately as information is submitted. Therefore, each time you return, you may find things have changed.
Table of Contents
Down the left side of the screen is the Table of Contents. These blue buttons will change depending on the user who has logged in. For example, if you are a parent or coach, you will only see the Information button and the Logon button. If you click on the Information button, you will see additional choices, such as this help. If you are a referee then you would log on to the system. Once you had completed logging on, a new button would appear, called Referee. That button will allow you to see which games require referees and assign yourself to those games (if you are qualified). Administrators, assignors, mentors, each will see different buttons with functions available that are unique to them.
Top of Screen
The top of the screen has important information or function. Clicking on the LWYSA logo will always return you to the LWYSA Referees home page. On the right side of the screen is a "Google" function that will allow you to use the Google tool to quickly search this site (or a couple of others) for information. There is also an entry on the right side labeled "LWYSA Primary Website", which will take you out of the referee web site and return you to the main association web site.

Note: The "Google" search only searches the web site specified. This is to help you get to the information you want more effectively. Unfortunately, because of the technology used by LWYSA's main web site, a Google search is not effective there.

What's New?
The LWYSA Referees home page and main referee page has a section called What's New on the right hand side. Important notices will appear here from time to time. If you see a little circle with an arrow in the middle, you can click on that circle to get more information.
Tables and Displays
In many cases, you will find information displayed in a table. Most of the time, you will find some blanks at the top of the table in which you can type information. This is intended to help you reduce the amount of information displayed to be just what YOU want to see. For example, if you want to see the match schedule for your team, you can type your team name, press search, and only your team will appear. If there is more than one place where information can be typed, you are not REQUIRED to use all of those spaces.
Patience, Practice, and Working Together
Feel free to conduct searches and sorts. You can't change or hurt the information. A few tries and you'll be able to find and display more information than you imagined possible. If you ever discover that things don't seem to be working, or if you find information you believe to be in error, please use the feedback mechanisms that are available to you. A good starting point is to send an email to referee.webmaster@lwysa.org. (That address is at the bottom of most pages.) We'll fix what we need to and, by working together, we'll have a great site!