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The information found in Locations is intended to provide the addresses and field information for activities that may occur within LWYSA. The most common use is to provide information about where matches will be played. However, you may also find information about meeting locations, etc. When you go to this function, you will find that all of LWYSA's locations are listed in a table. If you click on the number at the left hand side of the table, you will see detailed information about the location.
When you view the details screen, you will find two small icons at the top of the screen near the name of the location. If you click on those icons, you will automatically be linked to Mapquest, where you can get maps and direction information. In some cases, you may also be able to see an LWYSA created map. This can be especially useful for locations requiring unusual access routes or having a large number of fields. You will also find comments about many locations at the top of the page.
Questions, Errors, Etc.
We make every reasonable effort for these maps and directions to be accurate. However, please realize that, if Mapquest makes an error, that is not something we can correct. However, if you DO encounter problems, please let us know, using the feedback mechanism. While we can not fix Mapquest, we can at least insert comments so that others don't get caught making the same mistakes you do. Also, we can update maps, etc. to be more helpful.