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If I don't have a ref, can I borrow one from an adjacent field?
The answer here is a big "maybe". While it may seem a simple thing to take an Assistant Referee (AR) from an adjacent field, referees at 60 acres are actually working under contract to different "organizations". If you convince an AR to leave their assignment, then they are breaking a contract to work on that game and may be subject to financial penalties for doing so.

At least three, sometime more, different groups "hire" the referees working at 60 acres on any given weekend. While we absolutely cooperate with each other, if you remove a referee from working for one group to another, their insurance may not be applicable (and yes, referees get injured too) - AND you may make it impossible for them to get paid.

Most referees really want to help out - but they also know colleagues that have needed insurance coverage and been denied because of trading around assignments. Some referees, especially the youth, are hoping to earn spending money - and if they take your game and weren't assigned to it, they may not get paid anything.

So, if you ask a ref to move, and they say no - please respect that.