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The LWYSA Fields Site provides many helpful tools that are only available to registered users. To access these tools, you must Logon to the Site by entering your LWYSA Fields SiteName and Password. Please review the following information to receive your initial password or to retrieve a forgotten password:

If you have not previously registered as a referee or a user of LWYSA's Field Scheduling System, LWYSA will normally set you up with an ID that is the SAME as the ID used (First, middle if applicable, Last) on the Bonzi system. In addition, the email LWYSA will load is SAME as the email address you provided on that system. To get your initial password, try inputting your Bonzi ID, then press "Request Password" and look for a message in your email with your password.
You know your SiteName but not your Password
Go to the LWYSA Fields Logon page. If you have previously logged on to the system from the computer you are using, you can click on "Reset Password". You will be presented with some of the questions you answered when you set up your user profile. Answer those correctly, and you will be able to reset your password. If you have not logged on from that computer before, OR - if "Cookies" are not enabled on that computer (or if you have recently cleared all your cookies), then you must send an email to the Referee Administrator to reset your password.
You know your SiteName and Password
Go to the Logon page. In the first form enter your SiteName and Password. Click the "Logon" button.
You are registered with LWYSA Fields, but don't know your SiteName or Password
If you know that your SiteName and email address are on file with LWYSA Fields, you may send an email to the Referee Administrator. They will send you an email with you SiteName and a temporary password. Please make sure your note includes your name! If you are writing from a different email than the one we may have on file, (such as when a parent and child are doing this together), please let us know. This will help us find you in our system.
You are not registered to use the LWYSA Fields site
Go to the Register page and register with LWYSA Fields - we look forward to welcoming you aboard!
Password Advice!
To protect your privacy, logoff when you are done working in the secure Areas. Our system requires a minimum "strength" of password. That is to help you select a password that is not easy for a "hacker" to guess. While we know it is a nuisance, using the same password on multiple sites is a risk to you. If you do that, then a hacker that breaks into any one of the system you may use, could possibly access your other accounts. using different passwords is a major boost to your online security.

Set your Password carefully and protect it!